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Maximum coal recovery - that's the goal of every highwall mining operation.  While many factors contribute to this objective, one of the most important is the equipment used in the recovery process.   Successful highwall mining depends on coal augers that deliver efficient, high-capacity coal recovery.  BryDet's coal recovery augers cut larger diameter holes with deeper penetrations than any other auger in the world.  Using engines up to 2000 horsepower and cutting heads up to 72" diameter, BryDet's augers have the capability of drilling to depths of 650 feet.  For the kind of augering capacity that produces maximum recovery rates, the solution is BryDet Development.

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Model 2854-72

1650 hp ; 72" diameter

Recovering over 2000 tons of coal per day!

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  BryDet's Model 2348-72

  Auger Diameter = 48" to 72"

  Horsepower = Up to 1300 hp

  3 Speed Powershift Transmission

  Advanced Hydraulic Controls


BryDet's augers feature a "powershift" transmission that solves the drawbacks of mechanical transmission designs.  The powershift transmission uses hydraulic clutches and a torque converter for "cushioned" starts that protect the drive train.  Because gear changes are made in the cab, operator safety is increased. 

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Unlike fixed displacement systems that build up heat and waste fuel by "pumping and dumping" excess oil, BryDet's "load-sensing" hydraulic system produces the exact amount of hydraulic oil required for maximum operating efficiency and economy.  With the load-sensing system, variable volume pumps actually "sense" how much oil is required.


With BryDet's vast capabilities, we can design and build the right auger for you!


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Not only can we build your auger, but BryDet also provides the support equipment to give you the complete augering "package".  Elevating conveyors, cutting heads, side mounted conveyors and more are available.

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For more information on BryDet's coal recovery augers, contact BryDet at 740-623-0455 or e-mail us at