A new coal auger not in your plans?  Let BryDet Development rebuild one of your existing machines.  A rebuilt machine can mean more power, more dependability and more coal!  We can do everything from a complete tear down and rebuild to doing just enough to get your machine back up and running.  A rebuild can include replacing old engines with more powerful ones, updating the hydraulic system, installing a newer, more efficient hoist and providing fully insulated cabs.  The choice is yours.


1500B Old.jpg (60172 bytes)

1500B Rebuild

- New articulating hoist

- Two new insulated cabs

- New main engine

- New oil cooler

- Strengthened frame

1500B Working.jpg (61295 bytes)

1500B in need of repair

Rebuilt 1500B producing coal

Note articulating hoist!

1500B Sled.jpg (46227 bytes)

1500B Cabs.jpg (42717 bytes)

Auger sled designed & built by BryDet

View showing new cabs


Before :

MCT-16 converted to a MCD-30

After :

MC Old.jpg (65740 bytes)

- New 2 person cab

- New main and auxiliary engines

- New pan conveyor

- New drop boxes and drive chucks

- Installed power shift transmission

- Added additional auger racks

MC Pit.jpg (71899 bytes)

Newly rebuilt auger ready to go to work


1500 - Rebuilt for steep angle drilling

1500A Old.jpg (73677 bytes)

- Installed new telescoping hoist

- Installed new crowd cylinders

- Rebuilt gear box & transmission

- Installed disc brake

- Rebuilt carriage rollers

1500A Rebuilt.jpg (58935 bytes)

Before : After :


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